​The County of Santa Clara is committed to professionalism, integrity, honesty, and customer service. As part of its commitment, the County has established the 24/7 Whistleblower Program, which provides the public and County employees with an opportunity to submit reports regarding violations of laws, regulations, and rules governing the conduct of County officers and employees; practices in County government that are wasteful and inefficient; or the misuse of County government funds.

Whistleblowers, including County officers and employees and mem​bers of the public, should not fear retaliation for filing a complaint about improper government activity by County officers and employees. Any retaliation or reprisal by any County officer or employee against any complainant or informant is strictly prohibited. However, the filing of a complaint by a County employee in bad faith may result in the employee being subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

To file a complaint, click here​​

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